Our Philosophy

WALK 'N' ROLL was founded in 2018 with the goal to provide travelers of all ages with enriching walking tours and unforgettable experiences in Lisbon - in English, French and German. How did the name WALK 'N' ROLL come up? Our Team - Pedro, a real Lisbon local and Melina and Sara, who chose Lisbon many years ago as their new home - believes that Lisbon is best explored on foot, or by bike, so that even the smallest streets can be discovered. It is important to us that the atmosphere stays personal on each tour, therefore all groups are limited to 10 participants. If you prefer, it is also possible to book a private city tour / excursion with us.

There will be no shortage of historical facts on our city tours, but there will always be time for short talks and getting to know each other. Sometimes the participants even arrange to have dinner together after the tour. We are always more than happy to help you find the perfect restaurant.


Olá! I am Melina and I am responsible for our walking tours and excursions in German. Having worked in tourism for a couple of years after my geography studies, I fulfilled a dream when I founded WALK 'N' ROLL in 2018. It was the best decision of my life! What could be better than spending time together with happy travelers and being outdoors? Portugal has experienced a lot in its history (the glorious discoveries, the Lisbon earthquake, decades of dictatorship, etc.). I am pleased to help German-speaking tourists take home a part of Portuguese history. 

My personal Lisbon highlights: A café in a theater near the Castelo; a walk in Parque das Nações (the contrast to the historic old town); Fado and grilled fish in Alfama (there's nothing better than a fresh sea bream!)


Olá! I am Pedro and I will be your guide in my hometown. Either in English, French or Portuguese, I will be delighted to show you Lisbon through the eyes of someone born and raised in this magical city. With a degree in Science Communications and a passion for showing all the hidden gems in Lisbon, I love to give all our tourists information about historical events, landmarks and a perspective from a local point of view. I have lived abroad in Luxembourg and Germany, and these experiences made me cherish this thrilling city even more.

My favorite places in Lisbon are the Monsanto Natural Park, the Estádio da Luz (go Benfica!) and Bairro Alto.


Olá! I'm Sara, Melina's colleague for German-speaking walking tours and excursions. I'm from Westphalia, but Lisbon became my new home over a decade ago, after having studied here in 2005. I'm also a geographer and I love to tell my curious guests all the little and bigger stories about Lisbon and Portugal. I work as a tour guide in every region of Portugal for more than ten years and I wrote a couple of travel books about Lisbon, Portugal, Algarve, Madeira and the Azores for several German editors.

My favorite places in and around Lisbon are the cosy parks: the jungle-like Gulbenkian-Garden or the wonderful Jardim da Estrela are perfect for a coffee and a little walk. For bigger hikes I love the wild and mystic Sintra mountains and I like to jump into the (cold) Atlantic in Cascais or Costa da Caparica.